Our Vison


"Developing new features of artificial leather and

leather materials and applying them to sports and outdoor products"


We are a material developer of innovative products in the sports goods market, and use innovative materials to manufacture products that can enter the market to meet customers in different market segments.

And we are currently using the concept of open innovation and technology, combined with decades of experience of users and market materials, the material design and application of professional, through the development, testing, the actual application of outdoor components, such as: bicycle sports grip belt, The badminton racket grip belt...etc. We also actively and continuously research and develop related products sports accessories, outdoor supplies...

Our organizational structure, with material research and development, product image design, international trade and other professional partners, in addition to the company's own internal research and development of innovative products, but also can shorten the brand customers for product creation time, we expect that our professional creation Can provide customers with more functional sports, outdoor accessories products.